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Cristina Palesi

Spiritual Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, International YOGA Teacher & Italian Fashion & Entertainment Journalist since 1994

Ms. Cristina Palesi was born in Italy and has been a Spiritual Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, International Yoga Teacher and Italian Fas

hion and Entertainment Journalist since 1994. Her career has taken her worldwide meeting and interviewing celebrities from TV, Movies, Music, and the Spiritual realms. The names on the list are a who’s who of top names such as Madonna, D. Miguel Ruiz, Brian Weiss, Deepak Chopra, E. Tollie, (tolle) Rinpoche (RIMPOCHE )from Tibet and the Holiness Dali Lama himself. Ms. Palesi has traveled the world many times over sharing her experiences and love for helping others through her words and her works with compassion and placing others ahead of herself in the cause to help humanity and the less fortunate.

After a near-death experience at the age of 16, she began having prophetic dreams and visions of angels that healed her and led Ms. Palesi to her worldwide healing work and calling to help others who need her words and guidance. Ms. Palesi has committed to helping young women and men who suffer from addictions and food disorders that almost took her own life more than 28 years ago.

Life’s negativity through lack of fulfillment of your dreams or suffering through losses of a family member, divorce or bad relationships all contribute to a closing of one’s inner self and happiness and this affects millions of people worldwide. This negative energy can affect someone with negative thinking or a result of negative thinking along with the nervousness of one’s life allowing someone to be ruled by food or negative actions that affe

ct one’s health and well being. Ms. Palesi through her own life and near- death experience has helped thousands of people worldwide with her spiritual life couching and opening up each person’s senses to healing the inner self and positive energy that is within us all. Ms. Palesi is here to help you or your loved one whether they are in your family or a close friend.

Cristina Palesi is coming soon to your city to speak openly and to help you.

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